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Asphalt and Concrete Repair


Although generally low maintenance, concrete and asphalt aren’t indestructible. Sooner or later little problems can emerge and unless they’re dealt with right, those little problems can turn into big problems. 

This is certainly true when it comes to problems like potholes, cracks, upheaval, lifting and settlement. Our repair services can handle all these common asphalt and concrete problems.


General Repairs

For the most part, the first signs of damage to concrete and asphalt usually only involve the outer surface layers. Catch these problems at this early stage and they are much easier to fix. 

We offer both asphalt repair and concrete repair, to help you tackle any problems you face and maintain the integrity of your paved surfaces.



One common problem that can occur to both concrete and asphalt paving is cracking. This can occur for a number of reasons, depending on which material you are dealing with. 

In the case of concrete, not all cracks are cause for concern, but if the crack is large enough to allow water and moisture to seep into the concrete, this could cause a range of problems. 

When it comes to asphalt, usually cracks are a sign of a more serious problem in the early stages of development. It’s generally much easier for cracks in asphalt to cause a domino effect of bigger problems, so if you see significant cracks in your asphalt it’s best to get in touch with us swiftly. 

In both cases, quickly getting on top of any crack, and repairing the root cause, is the best way to prevent more serious issues down the line. 


Upheaval and Lifting

Upheaval (in the case of asphalt) and lifting, (for concrete) are classic examples of how the environment can damage your paving.

Both occur when your asphalt or concrete paving is pushed up above its normal level, often by tree roots growing directly beneath the surface. Upheaval and lifting are generally a double-whammy in that they look unsightly and they rapidly pose a very real tripping hazard. 

On the bright side, it can be repaired. Sugarland Paving Pros focus on a repair job which doesn’t just fix the surface but which eliminates the underlying problem to the greatest extent possible. 



Then you have the issue of paving settlement. This is kind of the equal and opposite problem to concrete and asphalt upheaval. With settlement, the underlying soil is eroded by rain. Cavities will form beneath the paving and in those locations, your paving is going to settle, creating unsightly dips which can all too easily turn into gaping potholes. 

This is definitely a problem you’re going to want to fix before it turns into a widening pothole and a big tripping or vehicle damage hazard. 

Again, we can help. Our repairs focus on dealing with the underlying issue beneath your paving surface before we fix the surface issues. That way, you’re guaranteed a longer lasting repair. 

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