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Driveway Paving

Driveway Paving

Given the weight and constant traffic your driveway is expected to handle, it needs to be built properly. The last thing you need is repair or replacement within 12 months. 

Sugarland Paving Pros build driveways which are both beautiful and made to last. Whichever material you choose, concrete or asphalt, we’ll make sure it’s just right for your home. 



We’ve done a lot of driveways. We know what’s required to get a driveway looking fantastic, right down to the surfacing and finish. Coloring, texturing, stamping, you name it. We can finish your driveway so that it oozes cool curb appeal. 

Pretty is one thing. But driveways need to be made of tough stuff. Our installations are properly layered, use the best materials and quality controlled post installation. 


Driveway Sealing

Driveway sealing is a common method to help protect and prolong the life of your paved driveway, especially asphalt driveways. Sealing your driveway is a great way to make it water proof, which is one the most important factors in ensuring your surface remains safe to drive and damage free. 

Sealing can help prevent a range of different deterioration from occurring to your paved driveway and ensure that you get the best possible use out of it.


Driveway Repair

Although built tough, a paved driveway can still experience a range of issues from time to time. Paving used for driveways especially can experience stress and cracks due to the tremendous weight, and amount of traffic it has to withstand.

When you see these first signs of damage, give us a call. Repair is faster, easier and less costly when you get to it early!

Sugarland paving pros are your trusted local paving professionals. We work solely with asphalt and concrete and our entire business is geared toward doing it well, from our professional installation and repair team to the equipment we’ve invested in.

If you’re looking for a beautiful driveway at a competitive cost, we would love to work with you.

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